Insuret teams up with DingGo

Insuret teams up with digital smash repairs platform DingGo

Published on Monday, 18 October 2021 at 16:25

Insuret teams up with digital smash repairs platform DingGo

Article published by Insurance Business Australia on October 14th 2021. Read the original full article here.

Insuret partners with DingGo

Digital smash repairs platform DingGo has partnered with Insuret, a provider of insurance programs and claims management services, to launch a new first-of-its-kind insurance claims feature for fleet customers.

Launched for car subscription service Carly, fleet customers with the subscription can submit a claim through Insuret's digital claims portal, and the repair requirements for those claims can be sent to DingGo.

From there, DingGo will deliver a COVID-19-safe, digital, and contactless solution for repairing the driver's vehicle, with the Carly team overseeing, approving, and managing the repair. The repaired car will then be returned to the driver with minimal effort and no emails back and forth as everything from the initial claim to the quoting and assessing are all done digitally, with all data passing seamlessly between DingGo and Insuret via a secure API.

The consolidated data offers fleet customers unparalleled reporting, insights, and business intelligence.

DingGo founder Shaun Janks said the partnership significantly benefits fleet managers, completely streamlining the claim-to-repair process as the steps are done digitally and through a driver's mobile phone.

“Administrative burden and manual processes have long gotten in the way of finding the best repair option for both the fleet and driver. This is now eliminated by providing trusted local repair options and clear, insightful data on every repair. It's faster, simpler, and more measurable. It's the way the repair experience should be,” Janks said.

Jason McDonnell, founder and managing director of Insuret, commented: “What this innovation has delivered for both our customer drivers and fleet managers is a seamless experience, an elimination of the email back and forth and a faster, more efficient, and easier-to-manage positive outcome.”

Carly COO Ben Hershman added: “When we put the challenge forward to DingGo and Insuret to solve this problem for us, the focus was on creating an intuitive seamless customer experience.”