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Everything you need to know about Car Repair Shops

DingGo’s Car Repair Shops are specially trained panel beaters who utilise specific tools for ‘panel beating’, which is a process used to repair metal, plastic, and fibreglass bodywork panels on cars, vans, bikes, trucks and sometimes even boats. Panel beating is used to repair car or vehicle panels back to their original condition after they have been damaged. Sometimes this panel beating process also requires replacing parts when a part has become so damaged it's beyond smash repair or when it's cheaper to replace the part rather than repair it with panel beating.

DingGo’s Car Repair Shops offer panel beating services which is the broad term that means all types of auto body repairs. This includes panel repairs, dent removal, paintless dent removal, bumper repairs, and scratch repairs to name a few.

Another term used for panel beating repair is smash repairs as often, the damage has been caused by a collision, which leads to the other similar term for smash repairs which is ‘collision repairs’. To be qualified as a panel beater it requires being a highly experienced trade specialist that typically has three years of schooling mixed with on the job training. Often a panel beater also has car spray painting trade expertise, because in most cases cars need to be repainted after they are repaired. Car Repair Shops are also required to be licensed in their respective state or territory and at DingGo we ensure all our panel beaters are licensed.

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Common Questions and Answers About Car Repair Shops

How much do Car Repair Shops cost?
Most car repairs are unfortunately quite expensive as there is extensive labour and materials involved in removing parts, repairing them, respraying the paint to get a factory finish and then refitting the parts back on. In many cases paint blending on surrounding car panels is also required so the panel beaters repairs are not noticeable when compared to the surrounding panels. The extent of damage and where it’s located on the car can also impact the cost. On average we see Car Repair Shops average costs come in between $250 to $500 for each damaged panel and each additional surrounding panel requiring paint blending. That being said it’s our mission to find you the best Car Repair Shops at the best price.
Is a replacement vehicle offered while the car is being repaired by the Car Repair Shops?
Yes, many Car Repair Shops offer courtesy vehicles. For insurance jobs where you are not a fault you are legally entitled to a rental car. If you are interested in a courtesy car or rental car please add it in the ‘damage description’ section of your submission with DingGo.
Do DingGo Car Repair Shops offer free pick-up and drop off?
Yes, many Car Repair Shops offer free pick-up and drop off. If you are interested in this service please add it in the ‘damage description’ section of your submission with DingGo.
Do DingGo Car Repair Shops offer any guarantee or warranties?
All DingGo Car Repair Shops offer at minimum a 3 year warranty but many of our Car Repair Shops offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee. DingGo’s network of Car Repair Shops are chosen for their quality, speed and low cost. They all display their guarantees on their profiles.
How long will the Car Repair Shops take to repair my car?
This is a common question and is dependent on the damage to your vehicle. As part of the DingGo quoting process our Car Repair Shops will always provide an estimated repair time. Based on our extensive experience the majority of repairs can be completed in 1-5 days. Simple panel beater repairs, like replacing abumper, can often be done in 24 hours. All quotes by DingGo Car Repair Shops will display how long your repair will take, so you can choose the Car Repair Shops who can do it in the time you need.
What form of payment do you take?
DingGo does not handle payments, these are made directly by you to the repairer you choose to book with. Most Car Repair Shops take all major credit cards and cash. DingGo’s Car Repair Shops display their payment options on their profile.

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